Courses of the seasons

Fotographs by Modesty Sofronenkoff:

Painting Course for your whole being!

Winter vapno

Nature is asleep and now is a good time for inner work. We deepen our self knowledge by looking inside of ourselves and asking - Who am I? Where in life do I stand? Which are my gifts and which are my dreams?

We prepare ourselves for Spring and the return of the sun by inventorying our resources and by choosing which seeds to plant at the next season.

Winter is also time for rest and recreation. It is time for stillness on your own but it is also time to be together. The winter is dark and cold and we all need each others warmth and light.

At this course we work with our inner world of visions. Night dreams, daydreams and wishful dreams of the future.

We paint, meditate, dance and eat nourishing tasty food.

Our focus will be:
color - yellow
chakra - solar plexus
the moon
direction -in
the time between death and birth

Winter is the season for rest, deep thinking, be together and fill up your power resources.
To deepen our work with painting, meditation and self knowledge we use the question “ Who I am?”


blåsippor Spring

The returning of the sun triggers the energy collected during Winter. Birds are singing and the buds are busting. We are right in an explosion of life. The sap rises not only in the trees but in us too. Now is time for action.

“ What do I have to do to make my seeds grow? What do I have to do to realize my plans?”

Spring is the time of passion, full of promise and a bit of insanity.

This course also is under control of the weather. If the sun is shining we take our easels out, to paint and study all the vibrant life. If the spring rain is falling we will work indoors with still-life and other assignments.

One of the evenings we will make a fire that will help us to clear out and to find the fire in our hearts, so we can be in rhythm with the Spring.

Our focus will be:
color - green
element - fire
chakra - heart
the sun
direction - out
the time of birth

The Spring is a time of action. Time to clean out and make room for the new to come, clear out, clean up, and put the seeds in the soil. Time to fall in love and act passionately.
To deepen our work with painting, meditation and self knowledge we use the questions “What do I want? Which are my passions? How could I put them into practice?

Venues and dates for Spring courses are: Ekgården, Hindås 27 april - 1 maj


Summer sommarhumla

The vegetation culminates in cascades of flowers and green. It is peak season and the warmth makes it possible to unbutton and let loose. Life is easier and we have energy enough for enjoying life´s pleasures. This course we will be outdoors as much as possible. Hopefully we can paint, meditate and dance outdoors.

We will work with water and study the watercourse we have at hand through painting and meditation.

This summer course our focus will be at:
color - blue
element -water
chakra - throat
the sun
direction - out
the time between birth and death

Summer is time to enjoy life running through your being, be sensuous and gather strength.
To deepen our work with painting, meditation and self knowledge we use the questions “What do I feel? What do I experience?”

Venues and dates for Summer courses: wednesday 27/6 - sunday 1/7 - 2012 in Hålehallstugan on Hallandsåsen)


Autumn nissan

Time to harvest. If the forces of nature have been graceful to us, and if we have attended our plants well there will be things to harvest.

The energies are now on their way inwards and they take farewell for now in the most colorful ways. Before the leaves reach the ground and turn to mulch.

Autumn is the time when everything that has lived decomposes and nourishes the earth. Autumn teaches us that death provides life, everything has its own time of hardship and joy. If we can accept that, our chances of living our lives with full power increase.

This autumn course our focus will be at:
color - red
element - earth
chakra - root, belly
the moon
direction - out
transformation - death

Autumn is the time to harvest, enjoy and follow the energy on its way inwards.
To deepen our work with painting, meditation and self knowledge we use the questions “What do I harvest? Which are the fruits of my actions”

Calender (swedish)