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Course compendium (pdf)

tokalynga bäck

Painting Course for your whole being!

The courses are different but based on the same concept of thinking. To feel good and live in balance is a work on many levels, both bodywork and soul work. The road to harmony goes through self knowledge. With the focus and attention that we develop through learning how to paint we can also learn more about who we are. It both are about seeing. Through the process of learning how to SEE our fascination for the inner and the world around us grows, and our will to make the best out of our time on Earth.

The four day residential courses all include painting, meditation, dance and healthy vegetarian food. We socialize with each other as well with the beautiful nature. Our purpose is to get to know our selves a bit better, develop, gain straight and enjoy life and the nature.
No special skills required as a painter or dancer, nor is any preknowledge of meditation needed.

You can participate in one of the courses or as many as you like. They all include basic painting and meditation teaching, but they differ as we work with different aspects of life following the changes of nature, the shift of seasons and the weather. When we open our senses to the rhythms of life we find our position and natural part of life on Earth. Read more about the different courses Winter , Spring , Summer , Autumn


I am an graduated healing therapist and I also work with shamanic tools.


We paint, meditate and open up our senses at the beautiful surroundings of Båstad.


Curious about meditation? You can hire me as an meditation instructor.

Night school

Seven Monday evenings we will meet at Östra Karups församlingshem to paint our dreams.


some of my paintings are for show at www.anna-carin.se

Calender (swedish)


Find out more about Anna-Carin's own paintings and thoughts on image-building: Arts