Painting Course for your whole being!

tokalynga bäck

No experience required -just a desire to discover and a wish to develop. Are you already actively painting, you can take part in the theory sessions or use the time for your own painting. You can paint outside in the beautiful countryside or inside in the Tokalynga Theater Academy studio. On the course, you use your own materials or purchase a starter kit for egg-oil-tempera. This must be ordered four weeks in advance! Read more in "Color boxes".

Teaching Approach

For me, painting is about learning to SEE. To really see the world, the external and internal, and how you want to communicate this. I see painting as a separate language. A strong and direct language. The most important thing you need if you want to learn how to paint is curiosity and attention. The rest develops over time. Maybe you are already full of images that you want to paint - good! Then you have a place to begin. Improving your technique is a natural consequence when you know what you want to communicate, without being misunderstood or detracting from the message. Maybe you have no idea what you want to paint yet, but have a longing for color or shape - good! That is also a good place to start. Experimenting with form and color is like embarking on a journey of discovery wich, if you keep an open mind, will undoubtedly lead you into a world of images that fascinate not only yourself but also other "explorers". One way into the world of painting is to observe nature or objects. You practice both your vision and painting technique at the same time. What I hope that you will take with you from a weekend course is above all the courage, desire and enough technical knowledge to carry on working at home. A weekend course can also serve as a kick start for a project you have been thinking about but not yet begun. The five day course provides an opportunity to go deeper. Here you will have time to not only get a taster but begin to find your way and walk further.


Color Boxes

färglåda med penslar
The color boxes contain 25 bottles of 30ml.
artist's pigments with high light fastness.
Six smaller brushes and one of 25 mm. 1.5 m / 140cm canvas

This starter kit costs 900kr and needs to be ordered four weeks before the course starts.

You can of course bring your own materials to the course. If you want to work on already-stretched canvases,you can find higher quality canvases in paint shops that sell art supplies or cheaper lower quality (but OK! At least the thicker varieties!) at Claes Olsson.
I work with egg oil tempera and like the way it enables me to work both quickly and layer upon layer, and no unhealthy solvent is needed. That is why it is the material I choose to teach with. If you would rather work with other materials, that is fine.
We supply painters rags, bottles, linseed oil and eggs, as much as you need during the course.


Morning Meditation 6:30

Meditation is a brilliant tool to train your attention. We live in such a rush of impressions that many of us become blunted with age. Meditation is a method that can help you open your senses and increase your presence in the now.
Meditation is a surprisingly fast method, I noticed results after only a few months of regular practice. Now I have been meditating once a day for three years, but understand I am still a complete novice. On the course I will pass on basic principles to help you find your way if you want to continue with meditation. The immediate effects I hope that you will experience is a greater calm and greater capability to focus, and a stronger connection with yourself. All these help you when you paint. For the meditation sessions, you will need something to sit on: a pillow or a rolled up blanket is fine.

Creative Dance

After all the introspection of painting and meditation it is wonderful and refreshing to get moving. The body has its own needs and ways of expression. The idea of the course is to create an the opportunity to enjoy the balance that occurs when you give both body, soul and mind what they need. Under the leadership of Anira Moller, we enjoy one evening session per course. She describes the liberating dance like this: "A fantastic way to explore your personal expression through movement. Dance gives vitality and joy! It is stimulating and fun, everyone can join in! "



The venue for both living and working is Theater Albatross in Gunnarp, Halland (west of Gothenburg, Sweden). The surroundings are beautiful and inspiring. The accommodation is simple hostel standard, you bring a sleeping bag or bed linen. Some pictures of nearby nature. Some pictures of nearby nature.

Course Dates

So far, two courses are planned:
Weekend Course 18-20 th March Cost including room and board 3500 Sek
the course starts Friday 16:00 and ends Sunday ca.15.00
5-Day 1-5 th JuneCost including room and board 6300 Sek
the course begins Wednesday 16:00 and ends Sunday ca.15.00
Max 20 participants


To register, contact Anna-Carin. You then pay a deposit of 800 SEK. This will not be refunded if you change your mind or cannot come, even if you become ill. Should you become ill after the whole fee is paid, you are offered the opportunity to take the course at a later date.

Color boxes to be paid for in advance when ordering.

Last date for ordering color boxes for the course of March 18 to 20 is February 20,
and for the course of 1 to 5 June is May 1


Call Anna-Carin on 00946(0)431-448 480 or send e-mail to

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