My paintings
Förtröstan 2009 äggoljetempera
When I paint I feel good. That is my main reason for painting. I love the colors. They are beautiful and exciting. I want to explore them. Forms are exciting too, creating rhythm, depth, worry, calm. There is so much to learn that a lifetime isn't enough. Sometimes I know where I want to go with a picture, sometimes I just go along with the journey of it.
En annorlunda verklighet 2008
If you are thinking about joining a painting course with me, you might be wondering about my views on art. I see great art as a combination of wanting to communicate (image is a language) and sincere commitment that results in sufficient technical skill. By that I mean that I have had great "art experiences" of children's drawings as well as of acknowledged artists work- when someone is totally committed to what they do, it becomes interesting to look at.
Simply put, it is when someone "puts his soul" in the picture, sculpture, music, etc. When someone is truly talented and engages fully with their work over time, their technical skills develop and the picture becomes even more impressive. You wonder "how did she do that?".
Mississippi 2007 äggoljetempera
I think it is by daring to be very personal in your work that you reach the universal, our deep common ground - and this is what makes it interesting. Image is a great language if you want to convey experiences that you have when you are in touch with your soul, the subconscious, life force itself, God or the muse.